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On Monday 21 June 2004 22:53, wrote:
> Hi,
> > * What is the general advice on how to package your own lua source code
> > modules?
> There is an ongoing discussion on the topic. Don't use LuaSocket as the
> authoritative way of doing it, just as an example. The README/INSTALL
> files and the user's manual explain how to use it the way it is now.

Ok, thanks for the tip. I was able to solve the problems I was having by 
further investigation; the modified require statement from lua.lua seems to 
put everything in it's own table by itself, while I was using an explicit 
table as well in my own declarations. I was able to make it run by removing 
the explicit table declaration in my own modules.

I will stay tuned for whatever you guys figure out is the best. Until then, l 
will trust that the method luasocket is currently using is not way off base 
and base my work on that for now.


Marius K.