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> * What is the general advice on how to package your own lua source code
> modules?

There is an ongoing discussion on the topic. Don't use LuaSocket as the
authoritative way of doing it, just as an example. The README/INSTALL
files and the user's manual explain how to use it the way it is now.

Ideally, Lua 5.1 will provide a scheme that everyone will accept as the
standard. People have not agreed on a standard yet, but it is cooking. I
will probably start a new round of negociations soon.


Quoting the documentation:

    For my Mac OS X box, for instance, I place all files in
    /Users/diego/tec/luasocket and set the following environment variables:


    With that, I can run any luasocket application with the command line:

        lua <script>

    as long as the script uses "require" to load the needed namespaces.
    Much nicer than having to build a new executable just to initialize

Notice that lua.lua is automatically loaded by the interperter. That's
what LUA_INIT does.