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> If you are using Lua 5.0, than you should be using the alpha version of
> the library at
> and the function is described at
> Both entries are available from the index.
...therein lies my problem.  Google returned a result that pointed me to
the 4.0 page.

My problem is that a timeout resolution of a 1 second is way too coarse.
It would mean that if there was no data available to receive, the
simulator would stop for a full second after every simulation frame.

Is there are a way to configure select() turn return _instantly_ if there
is no data available?

In the description for settimeout() there is this :

"Note: although timeout values have millisecond precision in

Does this mean that settimeout() will accept fractional second values
such as settimeout(.10) as being valid for a 1/10th of a second timeout?