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> > > I've searched the documentation for Luasocket, and I don't see how to
> > > force it into non-blocking mode.
> >
> > Take a look at "settimeout". I hope it's in the manual.
> > If it isn't, the beta version is being released either today or
> > tomorrow and I am sure it's in the beta. :o)
> >
> Thanks for the quick reply Diego!  The docs on the website
> ( don't list that
> function at all.

Yes it does.

You are working with Lua 4.0? If so, look for the "timeout" which is
described in the link you sent me. More specifically,

If you are using Lua 5.0, than you should be using the alpha version of
the library at

and the function is described at

Both entries are available from the index.

> Where can I find the beta?

Right now, just in my harddrive. But soon in the distribution