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Asko Kauppi wrote:

I'm _very_ delighted to see this idea. And yes, the LuaChip name is a brilliant one. :)

Yeah !

Would you consider an ARM based, all-included chip for this? That is, how low is the price target and you'll be forced to have external RAM anyways (with AVR).

Have have considered a lot of different microcontrollers...

Ubicom IP3032
Atmel AT91FR40162*
*Motorola Coldfire 5282
Infineon TC1130 (No flash)

But right now I havent really found the chip that would be perfect.. I want the package to be as small as possible, so it can be embedded everywhere.

The perfect chip has the following features:

32 bit flat address
100+ MIPS
Low Power
Very small support schematics
512 Kb Flash
1024 Kb Ram
Ethernet controller builtin - external trans. ok!
USB Controller
and ofcause all the usual microcontroller stuff like uarts, timers, pwm, ADC etc...
All suggestions are welcome!

ps. With CAM you surely mean CAN..? ;)

Yes... Ofcause ... Controller Area Metwork :-)