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**whisteling to myself**... :DD

I'm _very_ delighted to see this idea. And yes, the LuaChip name is a brilliant one. :)

Would you consider an ARM based, all-included chip for this? That is, how low is the price target and you'll be forced to have external RAM anyways (with AVR). family_id=605&OrderBy=part_no&Direction=ASC
	AT91FR4042:	512k Flash, 256k RAM, no I2C/TWI or SPI :( but two USARTs

You can write to flash from any current AVR. It's page based, not quite trivial but it works. :)


ps. With CAM you surely mean CAN..? ;)

4.6.2004 kello 14:53, Erik Hougaard kirjoitti:

 Then I'm not sure I understand what you want to do......

My original idea, was to create a LuaChip (you heard it first here :-) that could receive Lua code on the fly and execute it and have a sort of RPC between Chips - all Chips sitting on either I2C, CAM, or Ethernet..

Can you write to the flash from a running program on a Mega128 ???


Harald Kipp wrote:


At 13:30 04.06.2004 +0200, you wrote:

Thats why I'm suggesting that you uses your bank for storing the source+byte code and use your 20kb for the rest.

Code must be kept in non-volatile memory. Moving
it to RAM may make sense for decreasing access
times. IMHO, reading byte code will not be the
speed bottleneck.