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Added the direct link to the entry. Btw, looks like it's still at 30% off, as it was listed at less than 35 dollars Canadian.
Afaik, you don't have to be a Canadian resident to buy from
I finished the book a while back, and can only recommend it to anyone wanting to get started with Lua on the right foot, as the treatment lends itself nicely to people having no prior experience, or very little of it, with Lua (as I did, and still do ;))

On Vendredi, févr 20, 2004, at 14:34 America/Montreal, Nick Trout wrote:

I added a page to the wiki into which books and links to sites that sell
"Programming in Lua" can be reached.


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Needless to say the book is terrific and can't be recommended

So please keep doing it! :)

Only, you pay the pound price and if you're outside the UK that's

It seems that today you it is available in euro too:

  US-Preisempfehlung*: $34.95
  Preis: EUR 30,67
  Versandfertig in 24 Stunden.


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