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> Scenario 2:
> Compile the following script
> t001 = {t001_name = "mytable"}
> Result:
> a chunk about 0x45 bytes long. A look into the binary chunk reveals
> no such symbols like t001, t001_name or mytable.

Both luac and string.dump *do* include these strings (of course.)  The
simplest way (in Lua 5 that is) to compile your own chunks is by using
string.dump.  (In Lua 4 it is *much* more involved unfortunately.)  Example:

-- compile "test.lua" to ""
-- (no error checking)  :-)

local chunk = loadfile "test.lua"
local code = string.dump(chunk)

local file ="", "wb")

Now you can load / execute the script as usual:

    dofile ""
    loadfile "" ()