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Hello, I've gone through the mailing list archive and
it seems that nobody has completed a working wxLua for
Mac OS X. I have made my own attempt to do this. I
managed to get the thing to build and can run the
demos. However, I've never used wxWindows before so I
don't really know what's working correctly and what's
not. (I was hoping to learn wxWindows through Lua, but
I need it working first.)

I have made a modified package of the wxLua build
system and source to accomodate OSX based on the
existing GTK build system. It's a hack, but I'm hoping
people more knowledgable can clean it up.

I couldn't find the contact information for the
maintainers of wxLua so I don't know who to send the
package to. I have set up a temporary site to host the
file, but this will not be permanent. Can somebody get
this to the official wxLua maintainers.
(See the README.OSX for information about building.)

If anybody can help clean this up, I would greatly
appreciate it. If somebody knows other forums of
people that might be interested in this or might be
able to help, could you please crosspost this message?