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> What issues would be involved getting lua to natively use the 
> MS Windows 
> 16-bit unicode effort? I know its a little (well quite a lot :) ) 
> against the spirit of lua, but it seems like a good quick fix 
> just to go 
> through the lua source and replace all the str* function calls with 
> win32 wstr* calls. Of course all scripts would have to be 
> saved into the 
> same 16-bit text files in this situation.
> Just to make clear (and avoid flames) I wouldn't consider 
> this a proper 
> fix but just a quick way to get win32 unicode support into lua.

If you need functionality very similar to what you describe now, hop on
over to and click on the Misc. Code sidebar
link.  You'll see two Lua distributions... LuaState 4.1 Alpha was used
to ship the Xbox title Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding.  I built a wide
character "Unicode" string type into it.  LuaPlus 5.0 Alpha is based on
the Lua 5.0 alpha codebase and has the same Unicode type.  Note that the
string type is a true Lua string type.  That is, I can write:

myString = L"This is a Unicode string"
myString = myString .. ", and it can use regular string operations."

myAnsiString = L"This is an ANSI string"