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Initially Unicode was limited to 2^16 positions (65,536), but this was found to be inadequate. The first 2^16 characters of Unicode are known as the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) and is intended be enough to represent all living languages, however as other messages have suggested it does not contain historical characters. This space is not yet full so there may be further characters added in the future.

What issues would be involved getting lua to natively use the MS Windows 16-bit unicode effort? I know its a little (well quite a lot :) ) against the spirit of lua, but it seems like a good quick fix just to go through the lua source and replace all the str* function calls with win32 wstr* calls. Of course all scripts would have to be saved into the same 16-bit text files in this situation.

Just to make clear (and avoid flames) I wouldn't consider this a proper fix but just a quick way to get win32 unicode support into lua.