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Okay, this has gottem me really far along my way.
Now I have some further questions concerning 'piping'

The sample code 'opens' the STDOUT of the external process as _INPUT
a) how would I (also) connect STDERR as a filehandle to read from?
b) how do I write to the STDIN of the above external process?
	h=readfrom("|command -arg")
	writeto(h) -- does this connect to STDIN of above pipe?

What I'm basically after is controlling another commandline tool (ispell, curl etc) from within a lua-script. It would also be important to catch STDERR, of course.

Thanks for all the help already,


David Burgess wrote:
On VC6, Lua 4.0.1
from the project menu
Goto - "Project/Settings"
Tab - "C/C++"
Select "All configurations"
Edit field - "Preprocessor definitions"

and paste at the end of the existing string
(which should already have something like "WIN32,_CONSOLE,_MBCS")

David, could you please elaborate on how you did this? I'm using VC6,


would I change the code?

Thanks again, Martin