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Thank you all for the responses!

Yes I have, and am considering using a Cygwin compiled Lua to use the Unix
functionality... (esp as some of the external processes would be Cygwin
compiled anyway)
But my current problem involves a 'standard' Lua binary which I can't change
dramatically (David Burgess suggestion sound promissing, see below)...
Also using the Win32 API to build a custom Lua-lib for this on Windows could
be a solution... especially if more win32 related functions would be needed

From: "David Burgess" <>
> May have missed the complete story here, but,
> Whats the the problem with using the WIN32
> _popen(), _pclose() ???
> In my WIN32 build I used
> ... /D popen=_popen /D pclose=_pclose ...

David, could you please elaborate on how you did this? I'm using VC6, where
would I change the code?

Thanks again, Martin