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Ill consider writing a doc on this, but certainly not now. Sorry, but is a
bit time consumming to write docs about design decisions. It involves
documenting propsed targets for this scripting subystem, integration with
main software body, comparative anlysis, and argumentation on the

If you plainly ask me what I did not like to Lua, is its "pascualish"
sintax. Im a beleiver in
if() { } and not in if - then - end. Brackets add more clarity and
efficinecy. But this is an extremly minor thing, considering it's other
advantages. Due to fallbacks and tag methods , I can adapt it to my needs
with extremly few modifications to the core of VM . Not to mention  that I
can use it as well to simply parse and implement complex NPC templates  and
Weapon templates using multiple inheritance, store special effects
templates, mood templates, apart from Npc,Camera, and level goals/flow
scripting . All AI code is C++, however, callbacks to scripts will be
employed for certain events. (Ya, the code is intended to go into a game).

>> be useful to yourself, should you find yourself loosing the  faith

It wont happen. Should I integrate it and hand  over to other ppl a sintax
and command draft to begin level scripting , there is no way back. But I am
very confident Lua won't dissapoint me at all. Ahh and another thing.  Lua
aint overbloated and "feature" packed like many other scripting languages
out there. Simple things are like diamonds.

Best regards, Dan

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From: "Benjohn Barnes" <>
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Sent: Thursday, August 08, 2002 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: Evaluating LUA

> on 8/8/02 6:06 PM, Dan Partelly at wrote:
> > Donno how interesant this is for you guys, but after evaluating 5 or 6
> > possible choiches for a scripting language, I choosed LUA as my project
> > scripting language, despite the fact I was way more familiar with other
> > (In fact my LUA experience was 0 till few days ago ...).  The descision
> > made especially because  LUA's fallback and tag methods features.
> If you had the time to put together a document, it would be very
> interesting, and useful (for me at least), to read the reasoning behind
> choice. Preparing that would be an involved undertaking though, although
> document could be useful to yourself, should you find yourself loosing the
> faith at any point, or needing to explain your decision to someone else :)
> Cheers,
>     Benj