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on 8/8/02 6:06 PM, Dan Partelly at wrote:

> Donno how interesant this is for you guys, but after evaluating 5 or 6
> possible choiches for a scripting language, I choosed LUA as my project
> scripting language, despite the fact I was way more familiar with other ones
> (In fact my LUA experience was 0 till few days ago ...).  The descision was
> made especially because  LUA's fallback and tag methods features.

If you had the time to put together a document, it would be very
interesting, and useful (for me at least), to read the reasoning behind your
choice. Preparing that would be an involved undertaking though, although the
document could be useful to yourself, should you find yourself loosing the
faith at any point, or needing to explain your decision to someone else :)