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There are already several instances of license flamewars in lua-l's
history, and as I see it no point in having another one.  I tried to
state clearly that I'm not promoting or defending the GPL.  Likewise I'm
not intersted in debates of BSD vs. GPL philosophy, or hearing about the
evils of the GPL.

To summarize my original postings, I had asked if there was progress on
switching Lua to a standard license, which the Lua authors had once
stated was under consideration.  Several standard licenses are available
which have equivalent meaning to Lua's current license.  One benefit of
using a standard license is to answer the question of GPL compatibility.
 Since it is a fact that GPL software is in widespread use, as a
practical matter I would like to know of Lua can be embedded in such

lhf informs me that they are looking into the GPL compatibility question.


Gambit wrote:
> Just to ring in with my $0.02 -
> I've been a big fan of the BSD-style license.  It lets you ...

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