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> The GPL, love it or hate it, requires the combination of 
> GPL'd software 
> and software under another license to be distributed under the GPL. 
> Again I'm at risk of provoking our GPL-opposing friends on this list. 
> I'm not promoting or defending the GPL, I'm only searching for the 
> answer to a practical question.  Suppose I want to embed Lua into the 
> Linux kernel, for example, which like a lot of software is under GPL. 
> Is this a theoretical concern?

It's a Catch-22.  If Lua is GPL'ed, there is no way Lua would ship in
many commercial products again, especially since most companies, I would
suppose, can't afford to release their source code publicly.  On the
other hand, you can't embed Lua in a GPL'ed product.

I'll keep my opinions about GPL to myself, but perhaps a licensing
arrangement similar to Blitz++ would be in order.  It gives two licenses
to choose from.  Maybe Lua would benefit from a similar arrangement.