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I haven't been much time free to engage in such a project lately, but I think there would be nice to mess with it on the weekends or in summer vacations (or winter, depending on where you're living ;).
        I'm setting myself to contribute.
        [ ],s


At 10:52 4/10/2001 -0300, you wrote:
On Thu, 2001-10-04 at 10:27, Danilo Ferraz Daher de Ornellas InfoPAE
> Hello,
>          I tried to use Plua but anything happened on the startup when I
> launched it and gave me an error message. By the way, I've been reading
> Plua manual and it seems to be quite limited yet. There's a discussion
> about porting Lua to PalmOS. I suggest you keep your eyes open to this
> subject. I'm waiting anxious to a better option on PalmOS lua programming.
>          If you mess with Plua, try enter in contact with me.
> Danilo

        The error message you are seeing is because the software has expired.
Plua is shareware, and it expired a few days ago. I said before that I
would release a source of lua that compiled with the prc-tools. But I
havesecond look at it, and it is quite sincerely a mess. :-)

        I would fix it up and release, but I didn't got much time lately. If
many people are interested in this port I would setup a sourceforge
project for it. What do you think?

[]'s Victor Bogado da Silva Lins