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I got some good pointers.  Yindo is pretty neat; it's a Lua VM browser
plug-in for Windows web browsers, which provides OpenGL and other APIs to
Lua scripts.  Beats the heck out of Java for download size and graphics

Also Nick Trout sent me "doris", a Win32 app that binds Lua w/ GLUT and

My efforts to build gllua were thwarted -- parts of it seem to be based on
Lua4.0, and other parts on 3.2.

I've pointed my colleagues at Yindo, although I'm not sure if they're
getting anywhere with it.  Unfortunately I don't yet have quite what I
want, which is an *interactive* Lua with simple graphics.  If I could get
gllua to build I might be OK.  I'm not too sure whether GLUT is suitable
for interactive fiddling, but we'll see.

The other thing I'm wondering about is a Lua interactive console that
easily supports multi-line entry.  A GUI text control with a "dostring on
selection" button would be good, or a traditional console UI that collects
input until it sees an "execute now" tag like ";;".  This must be a FAQ
though -- does this feature already exist in standard Lua stuff and I just
don't know about it?

Thanks for the suggestions; further direction is appreciated.  Meanwhile
I'm fiddling around with tolua and luaswig.  An SDL binding would be
practically ideal.  Eventually I'll get somewhere, I hope...


P.S. I have an incremental lgc.c on the back burner.  I'm pretty sure
it'll work OK but it needs more hacking.