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| >Also Nick Trout sent me "doris", a Win32 app that binds Lua w/ GLUT and
| >glui.
| This is new to me. Is "doris" available in the web?

I would like it to be. It was an experiment in Lua binding (started in Lua 3.2
and recently updated to 4.0). I got sidetracked with the wiki, and now I have
just moved house so up to my eyeballs in it. I'd like to find the time to make a
cvs project out of it and plant on the

Right, quick page knocked up:

| >My efforts to build gllua were thwarted -- parts of it seem to be based on
| >Lua4.0, and other parts on 3.2.
| Ask Waldemar about this...

I used the binding from gllua to make Doris. I cant remember having much trouble
converting them. I think the main difference if that LUA_OBJECT became LUA_VALUE
(or other way round). ie. its changed from an object reference to a stack index.

All the best,

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