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Thatcher Ulrich wrote:
> I've pointed my colleagues at Yindo, although I'm not sure if they're
> getting anywhere with it.  Unfortunately I don't yet have quite what I
> want, which is an *interactive* Lua with simple graphics.  If I could get
> gllua to build I might be OK.  I'm not too sure whether GLUT is suitable
> for interactive fiddling, but we'll see.
> The other thing I'm wondering about is a Lua interactive console that
> easily supports multi-line entry.  A GUI text control with a "dostring on
> selection" button would be good, or a traditional console UI that collects
> input until it sees an "execute now" tag like ";;".  This must be a FAQ
> though -- does this feature already exist in standard Lua stuff and I just
> don't know about it?

Beside the other editors mentioned here, you can also try SciTE, sometime
mentioned here ( It is a Windows and GTK+ editor,
with syntax highlighting of Lua code. It allows to hit F5 to run the content of
the currently opened file (previously saved) with Lua, and it captures the
output, with timing of the command.
Seems close of your needs. I use it for simple tests.
There is also Titmouse, which allows to step in the source.

> Thanks for the suggestions; further direction is appreciated.  Meanwhile
> I'm fiddling around with tolua and luaswig.  An SDL binding would be
> practically ideal.  Eventually I'll get somewhere, I hope...

I though it was already done?
Mmm, searching SDL and Lua on Google, I found this page: I don't know how mature this project is (seems pre-alpha)... I
don't know if the Lua binding is already working.

Check also the recent FLTK binding, if you don't mind learning a new
programming framework. I know the FLTK natively support an OpenGL widget, so you can
play with it.

See also ClanLib, the game library (, which uses Lua
as scripting language.

I have a vaporware, ie. something I would like to do someday (ie. shortly
before the end of time), or would like to see somebody to do it: a binding to
the Ming library ( It would allows to create
Flash files from Lua, it seems a very cool idea... This library already has PHP,
Python and Ruby bindings, so adding Lua seems feasible.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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