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> I am about to purchase a Palm-based organizer, and I would be *very*
> interested in working on such a project. I've looked at PLUA and was
> nonplussed at the restrictions involved. I've signed up to recieve the
> Palm
> sdks and such... Email me and lets see if we can't get something worked
> out.
> I think it would be a blast to get Lua working on my organizer!

	I will setup a page with my code, as soon as I can. My ISP is down
and all my code is at home, so I'm not shure I will be able to set it up in
the next few days. 

		Mean while, I have a question for the list. All the work I 
have done in this port was using the lua 4.0, I have seen that there is
being done in a new version (4.1). Should I start porting the new version
it is best to do porting after it stabilize? If we begin to port the new
version we could point out witch features have problematic so they can be 
isolated (much like the memory manage is isolated in one file in the 4.0 
version). But also the new version is a moving target, so i could be harder
to port it.