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Erik Hougaard wrote:
> Why shouldnt we try to improve the information available ?

That's why Jean-Claude and I each started wiki's in the first place.
However it takes time and care to put up useful content, and clearly most of
us don't have that time which is why the wiki's go mostly untouched even
though we all know they're there.  Fortunately Roberto is taking such time
in the writing of his book, which is probably a much better place for new
users to start anyway.

We (Jean-Claude and I) know having two wiki's is a drag and we've mentioned
before we'd like to merge them in the future.  However having one wiki does
not mean we'll magically get a well-organized and rich repository.

As an aside I should mention that modern wiki's can handle inter-linking and
cross-searching which makes the "one wiki" argument moot.