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> * Several robust wiki's are just a single cgi script.
> * If there was a wiki at tecgraf /, the Lua authors would lose the
> complete control they currently have over the site content.

Tons of other tools out there will do the trick. UBB, Zope, VBulletin etc...

> * Lua users (even new ones) are not so dumb.  They didn't need a language
> that indexes arrays from 1 instead of 0.  They probably won't have
> difficulty following "links" from the Lua home page to find a listing of
> valuable Lua resources.

Yeah, but why should'nt we try to improve the general picture of Lua - The
more structured information that we gather in the same place the support we
give to new users (and existing)

> * Lua is an embedded language, and so code is not generally portable.
> limits the effectiveness of exchanging sample code.

Yes, but still, this should not prevent us from delivering a more structured
information stream. Mail archives are big and filled with tons of stuff,
5-10% should go into a repository/indexed system.

Its a lot of work for new users to search around different peoples more or
less updated webpages to find stuff that will give them something to get
started with. Why shouldnt we try to improve the information available ?