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>Would we need to re-register?

No. Everyone will be moved automatically to lua-l at Yahoo.
(But in batches of 100 per day, because of Yahoo's antispam policies.)

>And will we need yahoo accounts if we
>don't want things like the web interface or digests?

No need for Yahoo accounts. You'll still get lua-l posting in your mailbox
as soon as they are posted.

>Will the @tecgraf address still work?

Yes, it will forward postings to Yahoo.
Like I said, everything will be mostly as it is now.

>Not withstanding, I am now (thanks to David Jeske) a lot less worried
>about the move to Yahoo - Indeed, if it is best for the lua community,
>then I suppose I might have to bite the bullet and use IE if I need to
>use the site :)

Like I said, there's no need ot use a web browser to read lua-l.
You'll still get postings in your mailbox.

Yes, thanks to David Jeske. He's given me tips on this change.