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Hi Joshua,

You may find these papers interesting:


Renato Cerqueira, Ph.D.             email:
Research Staff Member            
Tecgraf/PUC-Rio, Brazil   

On leave at:
Systems Software Research Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Joshua Ritter wrote:
> Ok.. I am pretty new to Lua...
> I have an extensive RTTI information system built into my cpp class
> hierarchy.  This includes the variables that make up the class (for
> serialization primarily) and also the classes functions.. return
> type/parameter types/ and a functor (function pointer) to the associated
> function...
> Following the example of how toLua generates bindings... I am teaching my
> system to automatically bind these classes to Lua... it is working
> fabulously...
> I have run into a small snag however...
> All function tags callback to the same static int luacallback(lua_State* ls)
> function I have defined... what I need to get from here is:
> A) the "class" of the table
> B) the _name_ of the field (function)
> so a table of "type" cpClass with a function called setName.. called from
> Lua as:
> class = cpClass:new()
> class:setName("whewp")
> would end up in the callback static int luacallback(lua_State* ls)
> How do I get the cpClass and the setName here so I can match the arguments
> and call the appropriate function?
> Thanks!
> -J