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I guess he refers to my statement:
  And by the way, I don't like self modifying code ;-)

Steve Dekorte wrote:
> You have code modifying code every time you edit a source file inside
> a text editing program - it's just linked to keyboard events.

Yeah, but that's not self modifying code.  That's 'froese' modified code ;)
> There are important uses for having easier access to code at runtime.

Taking up your argumentation I could say: every piece of Lua code can
be represented as a string.  And Lua has string manipulation facilities *ig*

> You could more easily create a graphical interface to programming lua code,
> for example.

IMHO that's already possible.  And I don't think, that some code fiddling
features would help here.  You normally operate at a much higher level
than simple statements (framework of predefined data structures and
functions or a meta language).

> It would also greatly simply constructing class browsers and
> other code visualization tools.

And IMHO that requires either a language with very descriptive (and
restrict) data definition features (normally strong typed) or - for
more "free style" languages - a defined style to describe your data.
And this second method is always available.

Ciao, ET.