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On Monday, January 29, 2001, at 03:23 PM, Reuben Thomas wrote:
> > Strings in Lua are 8-bit. Has anyone tried using Unicode with Lua? What were 
> > your results, and do you have source code (if necessary) available if they 
> > were successful? 
> This reminds me that I meant to ask about Unicode too, and to suggest that 
> having a user-settable character type (much in the same way that the 
> number type can be redefined) should be a goal for Lua in the near future 
> (I don't think that the use of char is parametrised yet in the source 
> code, nor the functions which are used to act on strings). 

Proper UNICODE support would have to go beyond wchar_t substitution. Recognizing compound characters ( like O and umlaut in sequence ) and upper/lower case issues ( in some scripts there is no clear mapping ) would appear to be a non-trivial modification to Lua. On our game we basically use wide characters as 16bit index into a glyph array and I assume that's what Verant wants to do too. I agree that an easy way to set the character size is a good idea but full UNICODE support is a mine field.

Take care,
Guy English

ps. Built in co-routines would make me really, really happy.

Guy English

Project Leader/Lead Programmer
StrategyFirst, Inc.