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If you just need an embeded scripting language, Lua is definitely the
choice because it is so small and very well documented.

In our case (online game as well), we use Lua at client side, but use
Pike at server side. The reason we choose Pike is partly due to its
LPC traits (very C-like if compared to Python, easily picked up by C
programmers), but I guess the real point is, Pike is more functional
rich (DB connectivity, threading, networking, parsers, excellent web
server support, etc.) than Lua, and we are not "embedding" it, but
"extending" it by writing native C modules for our own purpose.

We are also opening up the base server engine under GPL license at, which is still at a very preliminary stage (there is
not even a release, but CVS is accesible).

I guess the GPL license does not really block in the way if you are 
only going to run your own server but not sell it.


On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 12:25:56PM +0100, Dan Joergensen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently investigating the use of Lua script for massive online 3D games... Does anyone have solid statement...
> I have been looking at Python and Pike
> Regards
> Dan