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LuaSocket 1.2,  soon to be  released (less  then a week)  allows a
timeout to be  specified for the accept method  of server sockets.
Does anyone have  any other suggestion (wish)? Maybe I  can add it
before I close the release, or maybe some other time?

There are two things I'd really like to see in LuaSocket sometime soon, but I'm not quite sure of the complexity of the elements involved -- perhaps you could enlighten me.

The first one would be to execute POST actions. I'm sure that's been in your sights lately as well.

The second -- and by far the much more interesting one -- would be the ability to emulate cookies. Say one optionally passes http_get a pair of callback functions, one to set and one to get cookies. Then one would be able to emulate cookie behavior as necessary.


Pedro Miller Rabinovitch
Gerente Geral de Tecnologia
Cipher Technology