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> I've done a quick search of the lua-l archive, but I can't find a quick
> answer... A toy I'm currently playing with needs a non-blocking accept()
> function.  LuaSocket doesn't seem to provide this.  (It waits until a
> connection is made).  Is it possible to make it return nil or similar
> if a connection isn't waiting?  If not, does anybody know of a socket
> library for Lua that would allow this?


LuaSocket 1.2,  soon to be  released (less  then a week)  allows a
timeout to be  specified for the accept method  of server sockets.
The  function returns  nil and  "timeout" in  case noone  shows up
before a timeout condition.

It also  provides UDP support,  faster (way way faster)  line mode
I/O and a few other goodies.

Does anyone have  any other suggestion (wish)? Maybe I  can add it
before I close the release, or maybe some other time?