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What about the secret gui they have at tecgraf ??

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From: "Juergen Fuhrmann" <>
To: "Multiple recipients of list" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: Re: FLTK Bindings available?

> Hi,
> I am interested   in having  a  portable  GUI  which compiles  without
> problems and can be connected  to lua. We  don't need too fancy stuff,
> our customers are  engineers  who want to get   a job done, so  fancye
> appearance is not something we are aiming at. 
> TclTk is nothing we would think about because we already have lua.
> Java Swing & LuaJava would be cool, but to get it to work, quite 
> a lot of binary stuff not in our hands needs to be installed.
> I had a look  at wxWindows.  The Idea of  wxWindows is quite good, and
> appaerantly, one will be able to get state of  the art GUIs from that.
> At the  other  hand, while GTK  compiled flawlessly  on  my Tru64 box,
> wxWindows didn't (neither Motif, nor GTK),  and I gave up.  The amount
> of stuff to be compiled  still is quite  huge, and to keep it backward
> compatible  and portable  is quite  an   amount of work. GTK  only  is
> restricted to UNIX and  we  want to be   able to  port to Windows   if
> necessary. 
> After Martin Doerings posting, I tried FLTK as  well and in some sense
> it produced the same impression on me as lua did  -- C++ (!) code which
> appears to be portable (I tried on Tru64, Irix6, Suse Linux) --,  small,
> pretty fast. May be just the thing we need...
> So perhaps it would be cool to have luafltk...
> Juergen