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I am interested   in having  a  portable  GUI  which compiles  without
problems and can be connected  to lua. We  don't need too fancy stuff,
our customers are  engineers  who want to get   a job done, so  fancye
appearance is not something we are aiming at. 

TclTk is nothing we would think about because we already have lua.

Java Swing & LuaJava would be cool, but to get it to work, quite 
a lot of binary stuff not in our hands needs to be installed.

I had a look  at wxWindows.  The Idea of  wxWindows is quite good, and
appaerantly, one will be able to get state of  the art GUIs from that.
At the  other  hand, while GTK  compiled flawlessly  on  my Tru64 box,
wxWindows didn't (neither Motif, nor GTK),  and I gave up.  The amount
of stuff to be compiled  still is quite  huge, and to keep it backward
compatible  and portable  is quite  an   amount of work. GTK  only  is
restricted to UNIX and  we  want to be   able to  port to Windows   if

After Martin Doerings posting, I tried FLTK as  well and in some sense
it produced the same impression on me as lua did  -- C++ (!) code which
appears to be portable (I tried on Tru64, Irix6, Suse Linux) --,  small,
pretty fast. May be just the thing we need...

So perhaps it would be cool to have luafltk...