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Date sent:      	Wed, 14 Jun 2000 11:57:55 -0300 (EST)
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From:           	Ville Sulko <>
To:             	Multiple recipients of list <>
Subject:        	Re: Calling C++ class methods from lua ?
Organization:   	Tampere Telephone Plc

> > >From: Ville Sulko <>
> > >what would be the best method for accessing C++ objects'
> > >methods from the lua code? Do I have to pass the objects this-pointer
> > >to the lua code as userdata and then write static wrappers in the C++
> > >class which take the userdata as an argument and then call the
> > >method of the given object (with parsed as given)?
> > 
> > From  Wed Jun 14 10:50:31 2000
> > tolua does this for you. see
> Hmmm... It seems that tolua supports (not supprising, actually) only
> the stable version 3.2, at least it wouldn't compile out-of-the-box
> with lua 4 alpha. However I need the features of the version 4, most
> notably the support for multiple states... Maybe I could install the
> 3.2-version and try tolua out anyway, at least just to see how it
> does it's magic...
> -Ville

There is an interface which works the other way, from C++ to Lua.

That is even older (Lua 2.5) and I was intending to ask if it would be 

John Fletcher

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