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Here is a project that is looking for Lua programmers. --lhf

 From: Neil Halelamien <>
 Subject: Looking for additional 2D programmers/designers for GPL'd mecha game
 Date: 25 May 2000 00:00:00 GMT
 Message-ID: <>

 ClanMecha ( ) is a project to create a
 GPL'd 2D side-scrolling platform game featuring battling mechs (think
 anime-style) utilizing the ClanLib library. 

 The game in its current state is somewhat similar to NiL ( ), which in turn is similar to Liero (a
 closed-source freeware DOS game), which in turn is similar to a
 real-time Worms.

 The project is currently in need of the following:

 Game designers: ClanMecha is in need of a greater sense of focus. Though
 the basics of the engine are already in place (and the game is fairly
 playable), game designers are needed to provide further direction for
 the project. Though the game was originally intended as a Q3A-style
 "you're in an arena, kill all the other contestants" type of game, we
 suspect that a deeper storyline may be required. Game designers are
 needed to work on a backstory for the game, game mechanics, and various
 other design issues. ClanMecha is particularly in need of game designers
 familiar with the anime/mecha genre (e.g. Neon Genesis Evangelion,
 Macross, Gundam).

 Game programmers: Programmers should be proficient in C++. We are
 particularly in need of programmers with experience in network coding,
 ClanLib, 2D collision detection, and/or Lua scripting. Programmers
 should also be aware the ClanMecha uses the DOC++ documentation system
 (it makes the code nice and easy to understand).

 Anime artists: In the future we want to have both anime sprites and
 anime stills for the game and web site -- artists are needed to work on

 Porters: ClanMecha has only been tested on Linux, but since the game
 uses the cross-platform ClanLib library Windows, BeOs, and FreeBSD ports
 should only be a recompile away. Programmers with access to compilers on
 these systems are welcome to work on ports.

 RPM and DEB packagers: Packagers are needed to make the game faster and
 simpler to install, and possibly create greater visibility by getting
 ClanMecha on a major distribution.

 If you are able to help us through a role described here, or in a manner
 not listed, please subscribe to the clanmecha-devel mailing list by
 going to .
 Once you are subscribed, send an e-mail to the list describing your
 talents, and we'll see how we can fit you into the project.