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Dear Lua community,

Since Lua helped me to save a lot of work I decided to spend some work in
contributing something to it.

So I'm developing EDELua an "Embeddable Development Environment for Lua".
You can download the first prerelease at my site
or just read more about it at
I distribute this under the same conditions like Lua (being free for
commercial / noncommercial use)

In short this is a Lua source code browser with some similarities to
Smalltalk CHBs and inspectors- it also has something in common with the
Windows registry editor.
This tool comes standalone, as VCL component for Delphi or C++ Builder and
as ActiveX control for usage with Visual-Basic, MS Office Products or
Internet Explorer (or

Just plug EDELua in an application form and you can watch/modify all your
Lua objects at runtime. Or store a postmortem or whatever-image of your Lua
objects as Lua source
file and reload it corrected at a later time.

Due to the versatility of Lua this tool was easy to write, is easy to use
and is versatile, too.
Since having some weeks spare time now (thanks of Lua productivity boosts),
I can complete this
during June hopefully.

Since my site is visited by game developers frequently (cause of my other
free tools), Lua might gain some popularity in that community. Maybe I get
someone to create a Lua-wrapper for the very popular Genesis3D or Jet3D
game-engines which lack a scripting language currently. This should not be
to hard with tolua, but I've not enough time to do this also.

Kind Regards

Klaus Zerbe