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 From: "Vincent Penquerc'h" <>
 To: "Lua-L@Tecgraf. Puc-Rio. Br" <>
 Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 14:23:19 +0100

 I feel I'm adventuring on a ground which can be prone to
 hot opinions here, so, beware :)
 The new alpha release of Lua now uses const keyword,
 which is a good thing in itself, but this caused a big
 headache when integrating it to my project, which does
 not use it (I know the pros and cons of const, however :)).
 So what I did is replacing all occurences of const in Lua
 with LUA_CONST, which I defined away when compiling my
 Did someone else had to do it ? Is there any chance the
 final release of Lua includes this ? If not, I'll keep
 my define thing.
 I didn't ask before as I feel I'd better use consts in
 my project in the first place, but this is definitely
 something I can't get used to...