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>From  Thu Jun  1 09:18:19 2000
>From: Mike Goodey <>

>5.02 I had to modify line 54 of luaopcodes.h to
>#define CREATE_U(o,u)    ((Instruction)(o) | ((Instruction)(u)<<POS_U))
>as otherwise it complains about ambiguous operators needing parentheses. I
>think I have got the precedence right in my modification!
>If the mod is correct then it will never cause other compilers problems -
>it just makes the operator precedence explicit.

This has already been changed after Lua 4.0 alpha was released.
But thanks for pointing it out anyway.

>And are you intending to do something about TObject, which clashes with
>Borland's usage?

Probably. But is this a problem only when you use C++?