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>  From this point of view, Java is a "better language" than Lua and Python.
> Just to emphasize some previous messages,
> each of those languages is a "better language" for some specific job,
> and they are designed with different goals.

I agree. I just wanted to point out that when selecting the language to
embed, it's sometimes necessary to make compromise. That is
to realize what's more important to have (in my case): suitable language
design or suitable embedding capabalities. I care more for the second
and that is why I've chosen Lua. That does not mean that Lua perfectly
suits my needs. But from all languages I've evaluated, Lua is closest
to my requirements. So I rather use Lua's tag methods to tailor
its language (even though I loose a bit of performance).
If I tried to downsize and modify Python, I would never
make it so fast and excellent for embedding as Lua is.

> BTW, what do you suggest instead of "global variables being the default"?
> I think Roberto gave a good explanation about this topic some months ago
> in the mailing list:

Yes, he does. But I'd rather have to use tag methods to implement the
opposite (I still can't get rid of a feeling that more tag methods
means less performance).