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I found that reading the paper "Lua-an extensible extension language" on the
documentation page of the Lua web site gave me good insight into what Lua is
all about.  It has perspective that you can't get from just reading the
manual or staring at code.  Maybe as programmers we tend to just jump to the
manual.  After all how many of us have read an academic paper on the C/C++?
The Lua paper is well written and I think deserves a read by anyone who may
have overlooked it.

I may be mistaken, but I think the source of the "3rd-party" library problem
is that Lua is a lightweight language.  Like Scheme it doesn't come with a
module system, object system, etc. but is expressive enough to implement
those features if you need them.  The problem is that everyone will
implement them differently, so that any code based on such an extension
cannot be easily used by others.

-John Belmonte

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Subject: RE: Python and Lua

> I admit this is an area where I'm jealous of Python!  It has a very nice
> collection of libraries for image manipulation, ftp, www, tkinter, etc.  I
> think many people decide to use Python because of the libraries.
> So, why do those libraries exist for Python but not for Lua?
> Theories: