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> Actually, it's not anglocentric nor braziliocentric. The ~
> character is part of the standard ASCII character set,
> just like !@#$%&*() etc are. Most brazilians use the
> american version of the keboard, and the brazilian version
> has the ~ key too. I would assume any keyboard layout
> would genarate at least the basic character set, but now I
> realize I am wrong.

Here, people who have been educated overseas tend to use US
keyboards, but most of the rest use Spanish keyboards. I've
never seen a US keyboard in a retail store.

I think the layout of Spanish keyboards was fixed long ago,
so the problem predates ASCII. That said, ISO 646, the
intersection of common character repertoires, does not
include any of:

    # [ ] { } \ | ~ ^

This is why C has trigraphs for all of them. 

> I hope you don't change the ~= to ¡= :-)

I have a much better idea: trigraphs in Lua. :-)


Dr Alan Watson
Instituto de Astronomía UNAM