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>> What happens when you key '~' followed by a space, or
>> followed by an '=' sign, or even followed by another '~'?

>I don't know, because there isn't a ~ key on my standard
>Spanish keyboard. 

Hmmm. You got me on that.

>I'm used to anglocentric assumptions, but this is the first
>time I've encountered a braziliocentric assumption! ;-)

Actually, it's not anglocentric nor braziliocentric. The ~ character is
part of the standard
ASCII character set, just like !@#$%&*() etc are. Most brazilians use the
version of the keboard, and the brazilian version has the ~ key too. I
would assume
any keyboard layout would genarate at least the basic character set, but
now I realize I am wrong.
I hope you don't change the ~= to ¡= :-)

Kind regards,