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At 23:57 18/01/00 -0200, you wrote:
>  This DLL must be created using the standard call convention for each
>exported function. Otherwise VB will not be able to load the functions.
>BTW, In the LUA.H file you must add the _sdtcall before each function

   That is correct, and I should probably remove that DLL to avoid future
confusion.  It was created during late 3.2 beta then early 3.2 release,
before the "semi-official" windows binaries were available via TeCGraf, and
was primarily meant to target Borland's Delphi (which can deal with cdecl

The Tecgraf distribution does not has the _stdcall definition. We build the DLL using only a ".DEF" file, no source code changes.

I build a special version and It is available at (48Kb).

In fact I had to change ".H"s and ".C"s to include the _stdcall in the declaration and definition of all exported functions.