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> BTW, because the FAQ does not seem to really have taken off, I'm planning to
> start a series of Lua Technical Notes, in which specific points of the language
> and the implementation would be explained and discussed.
> The very first LTN will be about reducing the size of Lua in embedded systems!
> --lhf

That's a very good idea.

Something that might also be usefull:
(someone have done this already...)

Many times the C code has to execute a
initialization chunck of Lua,  like
a TKLua interface,  or some predefined

It would be interesting to have a LTN 
of how to, in a Makefile-like structure, get
rid of the requirement of having the lua
file hanging around with the executable.
If I'm not mistaken tolua has that,  (it puts
lua-bytecode in a char*  and then uses

I've been thinking on spending time to do it,
create a program that would generate a .c/.h
from a lua file that you could compile.
There could be a debug version,  where you just
read the lua file with lua_do but there were 
always more urgent things... :-(

Just an idea...
Siome Klein Goldenstein