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[another message that listproc didn't like. --lhf]

From: Bennett Todd <>

1999-11-23-07:42:24 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo:
> Ok, I'll probably add a "install" target in the Makefile.


As I see it, there's really only one critical question to standardize: when
installing the header files, should they install directly into /usr/include
(or /usr/local/include or whatever users will specify with "-I") or should
they install into a subdirectory, e.g. /usr/include/lua/? The difference would
be associated with how they are used in C code: should people compiling
against lua #include <lua.h> or should they #include <lua/lua.h>?

As for the "make install", I'd be grateful if it were coded something like


		mkdir -p ${prefix}/include
		install lua.h ${prefix}/include
		mkdir -p ${prefix}/bin
		install lua luac ${prefix}/bin
		mkdir -p ${prefix}/lib
		install liblua.a ${prefix}/lib

and so forth; this lets people who are wrapping a package "install" into a
scratch dir with e.g. (for RPM packaging)

	make prefix=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr install

or perhaps for System-V Packaging Tools

	make prefix=/var/spool/pkg/lua/root/usr install