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>As a programmer, I do understand this "urge" for efficiency, but an
>language is something different from C, and we all have to get used to
>and its performance characteristics.
>So, I do sympathize.  But, do you have a *need* for more speed?
>Would you application run faster even if GETTABLE had zero cost?

Speaking for myself, my project is a role playing game. I use Lua to
any action that can take place in the plot, because it brings easy/fast
compared to C++ and no need for recompilation while tuning.
Since no much of the actual scenaric code is (read will be) written in
all parts of the game behavior refer to tables, from the reaction of
to an external event to some scripts that get executed at given time

I have no real world measure of whether Lua is a bottleneck or not yet,
because I have very few actual implementation of behavior done yet ;)
But I do remember seeing Lua calls scoring pretty high (in terms of
number of calls, not elapsed time) in one of my gprof's output.
Anyway, this is as always a tradeoff between gain and work involved :)
This is just my two cents....