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[I'm reposting this because listproc choked on it. --lhf]

>From: Alan Watson <>

lhf> Lua is 100% ANSI C -- it does not need autoconf & automake :-)
lhf> What problems would be solved by these tools?

You could automatically detect whether popen() exists (it's
not part of ANSI C), figure out whether the library lacks
memmove(), strerror(), and local support, and probably
figure out whether to define _POSIX_SOURCE or not. You can
make a better job of guessing what C compiler and flags to
use and would have access to "CC=... ./configure". You would
have access to standard switches like --prefix=/not/usr/local.

Basically, you can avoid having to think to a large degree
and avoid having to edit the Makefile. These are small
gains, but are gains nevertheless.


Dr Alan Watson
Instituto de Astronomía UNAM