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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> No, there isn't, exactly for the reasons you gave: there is no "correct" place.

ah... ok :)
> >so I would like to know if this could be solved in the lua distribution (this way everybody using
> I could add a "install" target in the Makefile to, say, /usr/local/{bin,include,lib}, but I wonder whether this would be any good, given that you probably
> need root access to write to these directories.

you will indeed need root access, but in order for lua to become 'mainstream' some installation convention needs to be
used... this also allows installation packages (linux: debian, redhat,etc) to be created that install the packages in a
know directory structure. If someone wants to use lua in a seperate development project (i.e. Clanlib) that project
shouldn't have to deal how to install additional libraries (like lua). An 'enduser' shouldn't have to copy include files
& libraries to the correct places. Maybe this can be solved in another way by providing precompiled installation
packages for differen (linux) distributions?
> >I was also wondering why lua doesn't use autoconf & automake... any ideas?
> Lua is 100% ANSI C -- it does not need autoconf & automake :-)
> What problems would be solved by these tools?

well you have a config file at the moment, you could generate a configure script that deals with this.. as well as the
actual installation of libraries,include files,etc..

        Best regards,
                Jeroen Janssen

Most people in Lancre, as the saying goes, went to bed with the chickens
and got up with the cows. [footnote: Er. That is to say, they went to bed
at the same time as the chickens went to bed, and got up at the same time
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        -- (Terry Pratchett, Maskerade)