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>From Tue Nov 23 05:19:48 1999
>From: Jeroen Janssen <>
>I was wondering if there is some 'installation convention' for the lua include files & libraries.

No, there isn't, exactly for the reasons you gave: there is no "correct" place.

>so I would like to know if this could be solved in the lua distribution (this way everybody using

I could add a "install" target in the Makefile to, say, /usr/local/{bin,include,lib}, but I wonder whether this would be any good, given that you probably
need root access to write to these directories.

>I was also wondering why lua doesn't use autoconf & automake... any ideas?

Lua is 100% ANSI C -- it does not need autoconf & automake :-)
What problems would be solved by these tools?