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>From Wed Sep  1 14:54:07 1999
>From: Supratik Champati <>

>lua 3.2 bug on HPUX machines
>The following piece of code in lparser.c needs to be replaced
>static TaggedString *str_checkname (LexState *ls) {
>  return tsvalue(&ls->fs->f->consts[checkname(ls)]);
>-- modified code
>static TaggedString *str_checkname (LexState *ls) {
>  int sc = checkname(ls);
>  return tsvalue(&ls->fs->f->consts[sc]);
>This is causing a core dump on HPUX machines. The reason
>is rather obvious.

It's not at all obvious too me.
Unfortunately, we don't have access to HPUX machines.
Could you please send me details? What compiler? gcc?
Perhaps we could compare the assembly output for the two versions of